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Ai® (Influenza A/B Typing Rapid Diagnostic Test)

PCL’s SG Cap™ technology and multiplexing capabilities make it possible to simultaneously detect both A and B-type influenza viruses. PCL has developed a POCT test with >90% sensitivity and specificity that produces a diagnostic result within 30 minutes. PCL will soon provide an expanded line of POCT products for other pathogens that cause respiratory infections.

◆ Characteristics

  • Influenza virus A, B and 2009 pandemic A/H1N1 diagnosis at the same time
  • Rapid and accurate diagnosis for treatment and prohibition
  • Testing time < 30 minutes
  • Sensitivity > 90% (RIDT sensitivity ±60%)
  • Fluorescent scanner, High sensitivity & specificity, automation, convenience
  • More inexpensive and fast than RT-PCR

Product description
Product name Ai® (Influenza A/B Typing Rapid Diagnostic Test)
Manufacturer PCL Inc.
Category Multiplex antigen detection kit
Specificity >99.5%
Sensitivity Influenza A (>90.0%), Influenza B (>90.0%)
Specimen Nasopharyngeal & Throat Secretion
Immobilized material Influenza A/B antibodies
Target material Influenza A/B antigens
Assay method Immunofluorescence
Volume of specimen 50ul
Assay time <30 min