SG Cap Technology

  • SG Cap™ materials were selected
    for lowest background signal.
  • SolB™ captures a broad spectrum
    of molecule sizes.
  • After harsh washing and pipet tip scraping, SolB™ remains adhered to plates and morphology remains stable.
  • ctivity of captured molecules is maintained for more than 6 months.
    First commercial use for some SolB™ components was as a preservative.
  • SolB™ micro-spots can be applied to various substrates
    - Surfaces : Slide, well plate, pipet tip
    - Materials : Glass, plastic, metal


To develop innovative technologies, such as highly sensitive protein microarray platforms and RNA-based
diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, Blood screening tests currently developing a topic of HIV,
specific diagnostic sensitivity of protein chip for HBV and HCV diagnosis.


PCL, Inc. is based on the original core technology called SG Cap Technology
It is a global biotechnology company that constantly challenged to become a global leader in in vitro diagnostics market.